April 16 - 18, 2020

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Knights Cup Lacrosse Tournament to be held the weekend of April 16-18, 2020 at Blaine Stadium on the campus of Knoxville Catholic High School.  We appreciate the participation of all of the high school teams and youth lacrosse organizations that will be part of this showcase event to support Knights of Columbus charitable endeavors throughout our East Tennessee community.  We promise to do everything we can to make this a memorable experience for your athletes, their families, and your fans.
We extend a special Knights Cup Welcome to the teams that will be participating in their first Knights Cup Lacrosse Tournament.  We are thrilled to have for the first time:
  • Farragut High School Girls Lacrosse Team, Knoxville, TN; coached by Katie McNutt
  • Science Hill High School, Johnson City, TN; coached by David Crockett
  • Karns High School, Knoxville, TN; coached by Luke Ihern
  • Bristol Rage, Bristol, VA; coached by David Wall
  • Greeneville Lacrosse, Greenville, TN; coached by Gina Gulino
  • Notre Dame High School, Chattanooga, TN; coached by Patrick Wagner
  • Mako Academy, Waxhaw, NC; coached by Cory Turner
  • Seymore High School, Knoxville, TN; coached by TBD
  • Upperman High School, Baxter, TN; coached by Jeff Upshaw
This will be the most ambitious of the 17 athletic events the Knights have sponsored to support charitable endeavors in our community going back to 2004.  In addition to nine great high school games over three days, we will incorporate many youth organizations and middle school teams into our event.  We believe your communities will enjoy the experience.
The schedule for the event is as follows:
Thursday, 16 April; High School Girls Double Header:
5:30pm:  Christian Academy of Knoxville v Farragut High School
7:30pm:  Roane County Knights v Knoxville Catholic High School
Friday, 17 April:  High School Boys Double Header:
5:30pm:  Mako Academy (Waxhaw, NC) v Boyd Buchanan High School (Chattanooga, TN)
7:30pm:  Notre Dame High School (Chattanooga, TN) v Seymore High School
Saturday, 18 April:  Youth, Middle School and High School Boys Games:
8:00am-4:00pm   Youth and middle school games
10:00am:           Christian Academy of Knoxville v Knoxville Catholic High School
12:00pm:            Science Hill High School (Johnson City, TN) v Roane County Knights
2:00pm:               Sullivan County Knights (Kingsport, TN) v Blount County Lacrosse
4:00pm:               Middle School Tournament Championship Game
5:30pm:               Upperman High School (Baxter, TN) v Karns High School (Knoxville, TN)
7:30pm:               Bristol Rage (Bristol, VA) v Greeneville Lacrosse (Greeneville, TN)